Saturday, October 09, 2010

Back to Normal or Something Like That

Life is beginning to get back to normal or something like that.  We finished moving into our new house and Jim began working again last week in San Jose.  He went back to work for Adrian who he had worked for for twenty-nine years prior to moving to Mexico.  He is enjoying being back to work after two months off.  He certainly kept himself busy during those two months with painting, yard work, and other assorted things.  But it is nice to know that he will be bringing home a paycheck.  God is good!

School is also back to a normal pace except for Erin being sick this week.  It seems that the kids are getting reaquainted to all the germs they missed out on while being out of the country for 15 months.  This is about the third time Erin has been sick since returning home.  Jonathan has been sick once or twice also. Please be praying that we are not catching all these bugs all winter. 

I have been attending Ministry Training Institute (MTI) at our church since the beginning of September.  It is a class that is held every Tuesday night.  It is meant to prepare a person for minstry and we have a practicum time where we practice in small groups what we learn in class.  It is a huge commitment but from everything I hear, it is well worth it.

We are also having fun with our grandchildren.  Last weekend, I was able to have five of them overnight.  Samuel stayed with his mama since he is just a few months old.   My hat goes off to my daughter for the hard work she does with six children.  I think back to having four children but there was 8-1/2 years between James and Jonathan.  We are very proud of Kristen and Taylor as they raise their children for the Lord.  They are such great children. 

Well, there you have it, an update on life in the Carlson home.