Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Erin's Time at Camp

Here are Erin's roommates from camp.

Marinieves, Maria, Jessica, and Elisabeth (Amit wasn't in this pictures)
Erin and Marinieves - they got along very well.  She likes to be called "Snow" because in Spanish, nieve means snow.
In the cafeteria - Erin said the food was really good.  They even had steak one night.  I was a little jealous.
Waiting in line for chapel at night.
Before the last chapel when the parents came to pick up the kids.
I think Erin had a great time.  In her words, "It was a blast!  It really made me think of what Jesus did for me.  I made new friends." 

Note: for those looking for pictures of Jonathan at camp, he didn't end up going,  Maybe next year.