Monday, August 03, 2009

Please Pray for us and Jonathan

At 5:00 this morning Jonathan came into our room saying he didn't feel good. This was quite a bummer because he was finally feeling better. Sure enough, he had a 102.6 temperature. He said his body ached all over, so here we go again. His comment about it was that he was bummed because he was really looking forward to going to the home today and playing with the kids which he hasn't been able to do much in the past couple of weeks. It is getting pretty discouraging but we are praying against whatever Satan is trying to do with this. Please join us in prayer against sickness and other things.

Today we all have to take another parasite pill. We took one last week and it made Jim, Jonathan and Erin sick. but Jonathan was the sickest from it with stomach pains after he ate and a headache. Everyone at the home does these treatments once every six months. We haven't been here six months yet, but because lot of the kids and staff at the home are also getting sick, they decided to do the treatment on all of us. We were told that the second pill, which we take today, would not make us as sick. They also said that if you have a parasite, you would get sicker and it would take longer to get over it after the first pill. That kind of fits Jonathan, but this fever is different - not the same kind of sick. You don't get a fever with the parasite treatment - at least I don't think you do. So, the kids are a bit leary of taking the next pill today but we are going to take them anyway.

This past week has been a bit emotional with missing our family and friends from home. Bill Keiselhorst, one of the leaders on our mission leadership team at our church, told us to expect to hit a down time and the timing fits perfect. We have been here in Mexico almost three months but away from Oregon almost four months. We are very grateful for the words prior to leaving which prepared us for knowing what this is. Susy warned us also, down here, that we would hit the "wall" at some point. I think after a very busy week and having almost all the Americans missionaries gone it is harder and we have come to that point. They are all in the states for their two week vacations.

I realized recently that I haven't been blogging as much. I sometimes think that I need to have pictures in order to blog but that is not the case. The pictures are nice but I think it is good for everyone to know what is going on even if there are no pictures. So, I will try to blog more often here in the future.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.