Friday, September 26, 2008

Erin's Gymnastics

Today Erin was promoted in gymnastics. We went in to do a make up class and the pre-team coach was there. Since the make up we were doing was ending up being with a beginning class, Erin's coach asked if she would like to go with Rene and try that class. Pre-team is the highest you can go in this particular gymnastics gym. Erin was very excited and she ended up doing her first round off back hand spring the very first time she tried it. I think we have found a place to challenge Erin and to see her advance more. She has been working hard on her back walk overs and has been asked to do a bigger part in our church family production which will be put on before the whole church. In October, the virtue is perseverance and Geri, the worship team leader, asked Erin if she would try to do her walk overs but mess up on them and keep trying and keep trying and at the end of the production, do five of them across the stage. Letting Erin do gymnastics is something that we are very glad we did. It has given her confidence and she has persevered in it.

Below is a video from earlier this month at one of Erin's gymnastic practices.