Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spanish Lessons

Today I began Spanish lessons with a lady from our church, Elisa Miller. I really do much better with learning if I have someone giving me things to do and I have a time line to get them done. So, I have a lot of vocabulary to master in the next week and some lessons on adjectives. We will be meeting once a week which should keep me on track for next year's move to Mexico. It will be wonderful to see how much more I understand when we take our short term team down in October. In another three weeks, I begin school with the kids and they will be learning Spanish five days a week in their schooling. Again, it will be great to see how much they know when we go in October. They should be able to communicate more than in the past. I am getting very excited about us all learning Spanish. Please pray that the Lord will open our minds and allow us to remember what we are learning.