Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Preparation Continues

Time seems to be moving faster and faster. It is now just over ten months before we move to Mexico. God is so good and we are excited about this new chapter in our lives as we follow His leading. In the excitement, we are beginning to feel the sacrifice. Two years ago we bought a beach house in Lincoln City, Oregon. On June 18, it will no longer be ours. We have sold it in preparation of our move and this past Monday Jim and I drove down and loaded a truck with all of the furniture and stuff and moved it back to Portland. We are so thankful that God allowed us to have it as it had been a dream of Jim's. God is good and we know that he has so much more in store for us.

More of a sacrifice is leaving our children and grandchildren. We have lived away from our them before, but Kristen, Taylor and the grand kids just moved back to the Portland area last December. We cherish every moment we are able to have with them right now. In fact, I just finished watching Dylan, Brooklyn and Preston while Kristen and Taylor went to his sister's graduation. It was a wonderful time and it does bring sadness that I won't have that after April of next year. But again, we willingly follow God's lead and His calling on our lives. We know that we will see each other again and we will cherish each moment we have while we are still in the states. We will also be leaving James behind. We don't see him as often as we would like right now, but we enjoy watching him move up in his job and seeing the man he is becoming.

So, as we continue to prepare and make sacrifices, we cling to what God has in store for us. Please pray for us as we continue to plan and prepare.